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Cadence Manufacturing & Design is a small business located in Mesa AZ

specializing in custom CNC woodworking and Laser engraving services. We provide small to medium production as well as rapid prototyping capabilities for all of our clients.

"As long as America has two car garages, She'll Always be great!"

-Dave Ramsey

Companies We Do Work For


Ben @Whiskey Made 

Owner, President


"Cody's work is pro"

John @ Flip-Flop Cornhole

Owner, President

"Excellent customer service and Quality. Always on time. Dependable."


Mike @ Freedom WoodWorks

Owner, President


"I have been using Cody for all of my CNC and laser work since last year. There have been times I I just brought him an idea and asked him to figure out how to make it work. Cody has always figured out how to complete the order and it always looks amazing. His work is so good that I drive 30 minutes to his house to drop off or pick up work even though the people that live 2 doors down from me also do CNC work. That right there should tell you something about his work."

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