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  • .P/N: 8675309-UJ "1/4in Uptown Jenny"

    Brought to you by Elliott B.


    Diameter: .250"

    Overall length: 2.5"

    Flutes: 2

    Flute length: 1.125"

    Coating: Zirconium Nitride

    Material removing monster


    F/S: 100IPM, 50 Plunge, 12.5k RPM, 40% Step



    The Uptown Jenny is proudly American made. Designed by Woodworkers for Woodworkers in Tempe AZ. 

    This bit has been crowd sourced and approved by the CNC community and I'm honored to share her with you. Enjoy the .250" Uptown Jenny!

    P/N: 8675309-UJ "1/4in Uptown Jenny" Brought you you by Elliott B

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