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  • The Jenny

    Custom Ground Solid carbide 2 flute compression bit.



    The Jenny bit is proudly American made. Designed by Woodworkers for Woodworkers in Tempe AZ. While other companies might offer similar tools, the Jenny has been designed to give you the desired results of a standard compression bit without a deep depth of cut. This is ideal for less rigid machines. In addition to the .100” up-shear geometry, the Jenny has a larger core increasing the integrity and strength of the tool itself. Couple that with a unique helix and relief angle flute geometry and you have a tool that is quickly becoming the go to bit(s) for hobbyists. All Jenny bits have a Zirconium Nitride coating increasing the tool life up to 3X making these bits more economical without compromising quality or finish of your projects.


    • .250" dia
    • 2.5" overall length
    • 1.00" flute length
    • .100" upcut